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The newsletter for the chapter hasn’t been in continuous publication through the years.  There was at least one recent hiatus when the website served as a substitute for the newsletter. latest incarnation (the Ketchup) was begun in 2015 by the Tick as the website was being redesigned.  There’s significant overlap in content with the current website, but numerous chapters circulate their newsletters via email, so both forms have value.

The Ketchup may include notes from multiple meetings, and before 2019, was typically dated the month following the last meeting included, but not consistently – if you’re looking for notes on a particular meeting, it might be in a Ketchup for either the month in question, or the next one following.  Oh, heck, just look around – they’re all good.

Newsletters are listed in reverse chronological order. Click the link to open the newsletter (all are PDF documents).

We hope to scan selected older newsletters from hardcopy and include those in the archives, as well.  Happy trails.

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  • Stay tuned – meetings started up again in July, and the Tick is threatening to ‘Ketchup’ at some point (but we’re still waiting for the 2nd half of 2017, too, so who knows?)

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