Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM*** at:

Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Hendricksen Room

500 N. Dunton Ave.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

2022 Meeting Schedule

*** NOTE: Until further notice, meeting time changed to 7:00-8:30, the library closes at 9PM

Jan. 14 – I built it in 2021

Anything you built (or started, or worked on… – some of us have a hard time finishing anything)

Feb. 25 – Twin boom night

P-38, P-61, C-119, etc.

Mar. 25 – USCG night

Anything US Coast Guard – ships, planes, helicopters

Apr. 15 – Jugs
Probably all P-47’s, but who knows?  An obvious alternative comes to mind, at least for guys…
May. (date TBA, check back after April 1) Something I shoulda finished a long time ago 
Not sure if having it finished for this meeting is a requirement – if not, I expect a lot of unfinished stuff (again).  If we can’t get the Hendricksen room this month, it might be easiest to meet in the workshop of the member with the most unfinished projects…
Jun. 24 – Missiles & drones
Anything without a pilot in the seat.
Jul. 8 – Movies and TV
Anything seen on the big or small screen.
Aug. TBA – Armor & artillery
Stuff on tracks and wheels, wings get a rest this month.
Sep. TBA – Ships
Stuff on the water, wings get another rest this month.
Oct. TBA – ?
Somehow October was overlooked – check back later.  Maybe the threatened return of dinosaur night is currently in stealth mode.
Nov. TBA – Jets
Wings, put no props – though I guess turboprops would technically be on-theme.
Dec. TBA – No meeting
Holiday party, if the restaurants are open – let’s hope the pandemic is over!

2021 Meeting Schedule

Jul. 24 (Saturday) – No theme or program

No theme or program – just bring anything you’ve been doing for the last year or so to while away the time during the pandemic

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held Saturday, 12 – 2 PM in conference room “I”

Aug. 14 (Saturday) No theme or program

No theme or program again – just bring anything you’d like

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM in conference room “I”

Sept. 25 (Saturday) No theme or program

No theme or program again – just bring anything you’d like

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held Saturday, 11 AM – 1 PM in conference room “H”

Oct. 22 ( Friday!) – No theme or program 
Planned discussion of suggestions for meeting themes starting January, 2022.  Bring anything you’d like.

*** NOTE: Meetings will resume in Hendricksen Room, time change 7:00-8:30

Nov. 19 – No theme or program
Bring anything you’d like.

*** NOTE: Meeting time change 7:00-8:30

Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

Meeting History – Past Years

2020 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 3 – Airliners and private planes

Civilian aircraft

Feb. 7 – Brushfire Wars

Little wars in forgotten corners of the globe

Mar. 27 – Twin booms
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Lightnings, Black Widows, C-82’s or -119’s, like that

Apr 10 – Gulf wars DS and OIF
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Modern Mideast conflicts – Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, etc.

May 15 – Dirty Rotten Commie Pink-o Rat night
(CANCELLED – click for details)

The “bad” guys – Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. (not PC, but all in good fun -and besides, they had some nice hardware, too)

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in the Cardinal Room on the first floor near the Dunton entrance

Jun. 5 – USCG nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Coast Guard ships, planes, etc.

Jul. 3 – Trainer nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)

T-anything; Texans, Trojans, Tiger Moths, Stearmans, …

Aug. 14 – BIG model nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)

The bigger the better – what have you got?

Sept. TBA – FockeWulf nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)
 FW-anything (190’s, 200’s, 189’s, etc.)
Oct. TBA – Movie and TV nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)
Anything related to the film industries
Nov. TBA – Mustang nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)
 P-51’s and variants
Dec. TBA – Christmas Party
(CANCELLED – click for details)

2019 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 11 – Yellow Wings

Between the WWs aircraft

Feb. 8 – 1943 the year

Anything from 1943 (you’d have to ask Steve K., why this year? It was his idea…)

Mar. 15 – Thunderbolts (again)

No retreads – new builds only

Apr 19 – Utility and Liaison Aircraft

Non-combat military aircraft

May 3 – Dinosaur Night

Since nobody in McK ever builds these, the Tick decided to throw a curve and see who can connect

Jun. 14 – D-Day, 75th Anniversary

Builds of the planes, ships, armor, etc. that were involved in the invasion

Jul. 19 – South American Aircraft

Western hemisphere subjects, Panama and countries north don’t count

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Aug. 30 – Oldies Night

Lindberg, Aurora, Hawk, Frog, and other kits from the past

Oct. 25 – Small Combatants of WWII, the other guys

The smaller players in the last great war

Nov. 22 – 50’s PARANOIA

Bad sci-fi subjects? Duck and cover? Make up a reason and build it.

Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

2018 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 19 – Missiles

Missiles and rockets (nothing Estes)

Feb. 16 – CBI WWII

China/Burma/India Theater, WWII

Mar. 16 – Viet Nam War

Any subject related to the war in Viet Nam

Apr 20 – Army Aviation

Anything related to army aviation

May 25 – MTO WWII

European Theater of Operations, WWII

Jun. 15 – Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain, all combatants

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Jul. 20 – Air Force and Navy 1950’s

The early jet age for the USAF and USN

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Aug. 17 – Strategic Air Command

Anything SAC

Sept. 14 – Armor Night
Tanks and things
Oct. 12 – Fricken Ship Night
Any ol’ ship will do, feather merchants
Nov. 30 – Open
Anything and everything
Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

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