Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at:

Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Hendricksen Room

500 N. Dunton Ave.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

2020 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 3 – Airliners and private planes

Civilian aircraft

Feb. 7 – Brushfire Wars

Little wars in forgotten corners of the globe

Mar. 27 – Twin booms
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Lightnings, Black Widows, C-82’s or -119’s, like that

Apr 10 – Gulf wars DS and OIF
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Modern Mideast conflicts – Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, etc.

May 15 – Dirty Rotten Commie Pink-o Rat night
(CANCELLED – click for details)

The “bad” guys – Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. (not PC, but all in good fun -and besides, they had some nice hardware, too)

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in the Cardinal Room on the first floor near the Dunton entrance

Jun. 5 – USCG nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)

Coast Guard ships, planes, etc.

Jul. 3 – Trainer nite
(CANCELLED – click for details)

T-anything; Texans, Trojans, Tiger Moths, Stearmans, …

Aug. 14 – BIG model nite

The bigger the better – what have you got?

Sept. TBA – FockeWulf nite
 FW-anything (190’s, 200’s, 189’s, etc.)
Oct. TBA – Movie and TV nite
Anything related to the film industries
Nov. TBA – Mustang nite
 P-51’s and variants
Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

Meeting History – Past Years

2019 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 11 – Yellow Wings

Between the WWs aircraft

Feb. 8 – 1943 the year

Anything from 1943 (you’d have to ask Steve K., why this year? It was his idea…)

Mar. 15 – Thunderbolts (again)

No retreads – new builds only

Apr 19 – Utility and Liaison Aircraft

Non-combat military aircraft

May 3 – Dinosaur Night

Since nobody in McK ever builds these, the Tick decided to throw a curve and see who can connect

Jun. 14 – D-Day, 75th Anniversary

Builds of the planes, ships, armor, etc. that were involved in the invasion

Jul. 19 – South American Aircraft

Western hemisphere subjects, Panama and countries north don’t count

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Aug. 30 – Oldies Night

Lindberg, Aurora, Hawk, Frog, and other kits from the past

Oct. 25 – Small Combatants of WWII, the other guys

The smaller players in the last great war

Nov. 22 – 50’s PARANOIA

Bad sci-fi subjects? Duck and cover? Make up a reason and build it.

Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

2018 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 19 – Missiles

Missiles and rockets (nothing Estes)

Feb. 16 – CBI WWII

China/Burma/India Theater, WWII

Mar. 16 – Viet Nam War

Any subject related to the war in Viet Nam

Apr 20 – Army Aviation

Anything related to army aviation

May 25 – MTO WWII

European Theater of Operations, WWII

Jun. 15 – Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain, all combatants

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Jul. 20 – Air Force and Navy 1950’s

The early jet age for the USAF and USN

*** NOTE: Meeting will be held in conference room “I”

Aug. 17 – Strategic Air Command

Anything SAC

Sept. 14 – Armor Night
Tanks and things
Oct. 12 – Fricken Ship Night
Any ol’ ship will do, feather merchants
Nov. 30 – Open
Anything and everything
Dec. TBA – Christmas Party

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