Operation Thunderbolt Project

IPMS National Convention Display

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Assigned Builder

Subject Aircraft

Completed Photo

Tom Curda Touch of Texas, bubbletop TOUCH OF TEXAS (bubbletop)
Norris Graser Chief-Ski-U-Mah SKI U MAH
Mike Hanlon Wham Bam IV WHAM BAM IV
Lee Lygiros Peg O’ My Heart PEG O MY HEART
Dan Paulien Nemanie II NEMANIE II
Mike Polk The Bug THE BUG
Charlie Scardon Sierra Sue SIERRA SUE
Charlie Scardon Turtle No 9 TURTLE NO 9
Dick Smith Little Lulu LITTLE LULU
Cody Tidmore The Jinx THE JINX
Trent Tidmore The Mole THE MOLE
Tom Curda Honey-Bucket Joe! HONEY-BUCKET JOE!
Tom Curda Kansas Tornado II KANSAS TORNADO II
Norris Graser Chowhound 2nd (Red nose version) CHOWHOUND 2nd late
Paul Hackman Balls Out (Donald Duck) BALLS OUT (Donald Duck)
Paul Hackman Little Tommy Gunner LITTLE TOMMY GUNNER
Mike Hanlon El Texano EL TEXANO
Steve Kumamoto Pilots Dream IV PILOT'S DREAM IV
Steve Kumamoto Squirt VI SQUIRT VI
Scott Olson Stinky STINKEY
Dan Paulien Balls Out (Bull) BALLS OUT (Bull)
Charlie Scardon Little Joe LITTLE JOE
Charlie Scardon The Nutcracker NUTCRACKER
Dick Smith Chowhound 2nd (Black nose version) CHOWHOUND 2nd early
Phil Smith Touch of Texas (Razorback) TOUCH OF TEXAS (razorback)
Bill Soppet Whoooo WHoooo

2 Responses to Operation Thunderbolt Project

  1. Milton R Wyatt says:

    I have a Revell P-47D kit, 1:48 scale, Thunderbolt Razorback for “The Bug”. I am trying to find a source for a set of decals to adapt the plane to the markings for “Little Lulu” of the 510th Fighter Squadron. The father (Lt Col Bruce Parcell) of a good friend of mine was KIA on 7/24/1944 while flying “Little LuLu” in combat over France. I want to present his daughter and only child with a model of his Thunderbolt. IPMS member Dick Smith displayed a model of “LL” with the authentic decals. I’m wondering where he found that particular detail set.

  2. Norris Graser says:

    A set containing Lulu can be purchased through ngraser@comcast.net or Thundercals@yahoo.com..

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