June 2016 Meeting Notes

June 3, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Night Nite – Skynight, Night fighters. Black ops. Secret hush hush…

Notes by The Tick and Paul

Attendees were: Paul Gasiorowski, Mike Hanlon, THE TICK, Jim Batchelder, Frank Ress, Brian Gardner, Mark Murray, Carl Geiger, Dan Paulien

Norris got on his soapbox and asked everyone to add a little more to the description sheets for the models they bring to the meetings, aside from subject, scale, manufacturer, etc. Basically, he wants everyone to be a little more wordy.

The remaining schedule of dates for the year has not been received from the library at this time. The meeting for August is scheduled for a Saturday, but Paul G offered up his home again if the club wants to meet on a Friday night.

F117A, 1/72nd, built by Carl Geiger

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0343 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0342

Information needed for this model.

Keith Rider R4 Firecracker, 1/72nd, LF resin, built by Carl Geiger


Testors Bright Yellow, foil. A speed racer piloted by Tony LeVier competing in 1936 Air Races at Los Angeles. Max speed was 224mph.

U-2C, 1/72nd, Academy, built by Carl Geiger

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0349 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0346

Built 25 years ago, tri-color scheme. Modeling options included either the U-2A or U-2C.

PBY-5A “Black Cat”, 1/72nd, Revell, built by Frank Ress

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0352 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0353

Frank bought this kit for his father back in the 70’s. His dad left it sitting around and Frank decided to build it himself. Built OOB.

Frank added weight to the nose, used kit decals and Testors rattle can gloss black paint. Looks like it survived pretty well after 40 plus years.

U-2, 1/48th, built by Dan Paulien

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0348 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0347

Information needed for this model.

F6F Hellcat, 1/72nd, Eduard, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0357 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0359

Built OOB, using the kit decals and Gunze paint. Mike Indicated it was a nice kit, came with photo-etch belts and a resin seat.

F4F Wildcat, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0358 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0356 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0355

Tamiya paints. Used a combination of AK and MiG washes for slight weathering effects. Superscale and Yellow Wings decals. A simple kit. You can actually press fit the wings, fuselage and tail planes together.

There are a few flaws. F4F’s had an opening beneath the pilot’s feet, not a floor as represented in the kit. Decal-wise, the national insignia didn’t want to set flat, the rivets below the national insignia could have been sanded off to make it work better. Using a lot of Micro-sol helped resolve the problem.

A-10 Warthog, 1/48th, Revell, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0360 2016-jun-meeting-dsc_0361

Built basically OOB, with a few details added; photo-etch side panels and cockpit display plus resin seat. Used 2 shades of Model Master Acryl paints. Hung a lot of ordinance under the wings. Main issue was the front well assembly. There was not enough edge to get it fit nicely. Added weight behind the pilot seat in order for it to sit on its nose wheel. A lot of tiny decals were applied, and all were sealed using Future. Clear flat not yet applied.

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