Supreme Monarch – Norris Graser (AKA the Tick)

Vice President/Program Director – Frank Ress

Treasurer – Mike Hanlon

Chapter Contact – Paul Gasiorowski

Newsletter Editor – the Tick

Webmaster – Frank Ress

Member since: 2008

Interests: 1/72 scale (mostly aircraft, but also ships, armor, space, sci-fi – whatever seems interesting), 1/25 tractor/trailer & construction equipment, 1/20 F-1 cars

We previously provided email addresses for each of the officers, to allow readers to contact any of us directly, but they were harvested for use in a phishing attack.  For that reason, we’ve removed those addresses from this page and substituted the comment form below.  It’s unfortunate that was necessary, but such is the state of the virtual community.

If you’d like to contact any of the officers or have any questions/comments/concerns regarding the club, the website, or any other aspect of IPMS McKinstry, please leave a message in the form below, and we’ll get back to you.  Your comments will be kept private.  Thank you.

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