May 2016 Meeting Notes

May 13, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Republic Nite – Anything Republic Aviation

Notes by The Tick

P-47D, 1/48th, Hasegawa, built by Dan Paulien

2016-may-meeting-dsc_9927 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9926

Built as 509th FS “Nemanie II.” AeroMaster decals from the 405th FG in Color Pt 2 Monograph. Pilot was Lt Dan “Dr.X” Eckes.

P-35A, 1/48th, Hobbycraft, built by Dan Paulien

2016-may-meeting-dsc_9925 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9924

Testors Olive Drab, kit decals.

P-47D Razorback, 1/48th, Monogram, built by Dan Paulien

2016-may-meeting-dsc_9932 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9934

Kit decals for Arlie Blood’s “The Bug.” Arlie parachuted twice at low level, and survived with hardly a scratch either time. AGAIN, Testors O.D. was the color choice for Dan’s model.

P-47D Razorback, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Jim Batchelder

2016-may-meeting-dsc_9929 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9931 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9930

Eduard photoetch, Testor’s paint, AeroMaster decals. Markings for Big Chief Wahoo, a P-47D-1-RE flown by Maj Frederick H. Lefebvre, 351st FS/353rd FG.

F-84 Thunderjet, 1/72nd, Academy, built by Dan Paulien


OOB, various Alclad paints, and somehow Dan got the kit decals to work reasonably well!!! They are very brittle. OK for the flat surfaces, but tough around any curves.  Lots of setting solution needed.  Also did not put quite enough weight in the nose! It was fine until all 4 drop tanks were added, now teeters back and forth.

HMS Tribune, 1/700th, Loose Cannon, built by Charlie Scardon


Type 1 T class sub overall PB19 Blue used Vallejo 899 Dark Prussian Blue. OTB except for stretched sprue antennae.

HMS Tantivy, 1/700th, Loose Cannon, built by Charlie Scardon


Type 3 T class sub PB 10 pressure hull Vallejo 899 Dark Prussian Blue. White is Floquil Reefer White gone yellow. Light blue is White Ensign B30, deck is Floquil Weather Black. OTB except for stretched sprue antennae.

The Loose Canon subs are sold together as a set.

O13 WWII Dutch sub, 1/700th, HP Models, built by Charlie Scardon


Kit is resin and consists of hull and conning tower. Instructions and plans for other items you need to make yourself. PE was cobbled off of various sheets. Gray is Humbrol 17, Green is Humbrol HI1 Mottled Green, deck is Floquil Weathered Black, red is Floquil Railroad Zinc Chromate. I made the little fiddly bits from plastic and brass rod.

U119 WWII German minelayer, 1/700th, HP Models, built by Charlie Scardon


The kit is resin consisting of hull, conning tower, guns and drawings. Used some PE from Toms Modelworks scratched torpedo storage canisters and other items. Light gray is Floquil Marine USN 5P overall, deck is Floquil Weathered Black, side pattern is Floquil Railroad SP Lark Dark Gray.

At time of pictures, none were weathered

New Bedford whaleboat, 1/12th, Model Shipways, built by Glenn Estry

2016-may-meeting-dsc_9942 2016-may-meeting-dsc_9936

Glenn showed us the beginning process of what it takes to build a model ship. The blueprints that came with it could be used to build a full size whale boat, but I would guess no one has a basement big enough. He estimates it will take him several months to finish the model. The process is the same as building a full scale boat. It will be interesting to see how he progresses.

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