April 2016 Meeting Notes

April 8, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Knife fight – X3 Stiletto, Sabres, Cutlass (car or plane), Le Sabre, etc.

Notes by The Tick and Paul

Attendees were: Paul Gasiorowski, Mike Hanlon, THE TICK, Jim Batchelder, Frank Ress, Mark Murray, Carl Geiger, Dan Paulien

Another small turn out, we had 8 members show up. The library moved us to a small conference room because of a schedule conflict. The meeting was held at a conference room table, which sat the nine of us. It was a different way to have a meeting, rather than sit in rows of chairs facing the front of the display table. There seemed to be a lot more interaction when discussing the models brought to the meeting. There wasn’t the usual 2 or 3 “silent” conversations going on while the ‘on deck’ member tried to describe his kit.

Grumman AF-2S, 1/48th, Special Hobby, built by Jim Batchelder

2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9875 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9873 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9872

F-100D Super Sabre, 1/48th, Monogram, built by Norris Graser

2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9895 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9894 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9893 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9892

Model Master and Gunze paint. Metalizer Titanium and Steel for the exhaust and aft fuselage. Used the F-102 exhaust can option as used by the ANG. Micro Scale decals from various sources. Markings for the Ohio ANG Bicentennial. A/c F-100D-31-NA 553775.

F7U-3 Cutlass, 1/48th, Hobbycraft, built by Norris Graser
2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9891 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9890 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9889 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9888

Overall Spray-n-Plate metal paint with (original) Metalizer for the exhaust area. SuperScale decals. Reshaped the nose, moved the windscreen and scratch built the seat.

Markings are for VA-12, the Flying Ubangi’s. VA-12 flew the Cutlass from August 1955 to April 1957.

F-86F-40 Super Sabre, 1/72nd, Hobby Boss, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9887 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9886 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9884

OOB. Enjoyable build except for decals. Model Master Acrylic paints.

F-116C-30 Falcon, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9882 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9881

Afterburner decals for F-16C-30E “Tacos” 188th FS, New Mexico ANG. Polyscale and Tamiya paints.

F-102A Delta Dagger, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Carl Geiger

2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9879 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9878 2016-apr-meeting-dsc_9876

57th FIS, Keflavik. Paints: Model Master Non Buffing Aluminum. Most of the decals were from the “spares” box.

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