March 2016 Meeting Notes

March 25, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Boat Nite – Ships, Subs, Aircraft on floats…

Notes by The Tick and Paul

Attendees were: Paul Gasiorowski, Mike Hanlon, THE TICK, Jim Batchelder, Frank Ress, Mark Murray, Carl Geiger, Dan Paulien, Lee Lygiros, Glenn Estry, Brian Gardner, Charlie Scardon

The meeting on May 13th will be held at Paul Gasiorowski home (volunteered by Norris). The address is 669 W. Northwest Hwy, Palatine. One block east of Quentin Rd. on the south side of the street. Parking is on Stephen just to the west of his driveway. There is room for 6 cars in the driveway, but once you’re in you’re stuck till the meeting is over. If we go for eats after the meeting, Palatine Inn is just to the east about ½ miles away. They are open till 10:30 or 11:00 on Friday nights. So we should wrap up the meeting no later than 9:15.

Maps will be available to hand out at the April meeting. Otherwise use your male-oriented genes to find the place, or the GPS on your phone. (Paul offered that, “I DON’T NEED ANY DIRECTIONS OR MAP”, but the rest of the membership looked worried that he might not make it without one.). It will still be daylight at 7:30, but just to help there will be a snowman in the front yard. (Sadly, Paul’s not kidding; he’s both seasonally- and spatially-challenged.)

We still need to discuss the way to set up the display cabinet at the library in November to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The National IPMS convention committee sent us a letter to see if we wanted to sponsor a trophy or plaque for a specific theme. Under discussion. Probably needs to be finalized by the April 8th meeting, if we are going to do this.

DD-990 USS Vincennes and Russian Delta III, 1/700th, Dragon combo kit, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9856 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9857

Paul’s first attempt at making fake water, his take below average look. Styrofoam base. Used Model master paints for the base, looked okay, but would take several coats of future to give it a glossy look.

Delta III, 1/700th, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9855 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9854

Delta III simple kit, would look good in a water scene..

HMS Tribune, 1/700th, Tom’s Modelworks/Loose Cannon models, built by Charlie Scardon

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9865 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9864

It is a Type 1 T class. Overall PB19 Blue. Used Vallejo 899 dark Prussian blue. Built OTB except for stretched sprue antennae. WIP

Northrup N-3PB, 1/72nd, Special Hobby, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9853 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9852

HMS Torbay, 1/700th, Arii, built by Charlie Scardon

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9868 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9867

Aichi Seiran A6M1, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9871 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9870 2016-mar-meeting-dsc_9869

For details on this kit and Mike’s build, please see his kit review from last year.


The following needs description:


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