January 2016 Meeting Notes

January 29, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Land of Lincoln – Anything Illinois

Program: Charlie Scardon – Making Water, Pt. 2

(Due to a longer-than-expected, model-packed display table, Charlie’s program from November was postponed AGAIN until the February meeting.)

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski and The Tick

Attending for the 1st meeting of 2016 were: Frank Ress, Lee Lygiros, Brian Gardner, John Koziol Jr., John Koziol Sr., Paul Gasiorowski, Jim Batchelder, THE TICK, Charlie Scardon, Steve Kumamoto, Mark Murray, Scott Olsen, Dan Paulien, Glen Estry, Carl Geiger, Mike Hanlon, Ed Mate

A short discussion was held about getting a display cabinet for November 2016 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Paul will contact the library to firm up the date. The next meeting we will have a short discussion on what might be displayed in the cabinet, including books related to the subject, a map showing the attack flights on Pearl Harbor, specific models for that date, and anything else related to that day. We need a title for the display, e.g. “December 7, 1941 – A Day Of Infamy”, statistics, etc.

Reports included: Treasury status, and amount to charge for this year’s dues. Webmaster Frank Ress commented on the status of the new website. The Tick asked for articles and reviews for the Newsletter and website. Meeting themes were noted for the upcoming year.

Theme: Land of Lincoln – Anything Illinois

Members brought in some interesting models and show ‘n tell went on until the last possible minute before ending the meeting.

F4F-4 Wildcat, 1/48th, Monogram, built by Dan Paulien

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9776 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9777 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9778 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9779

Built mostly OOB, removed the cowl intake to represent the F4F-3. Super Scale decals. This Wildcat in the markings of Lt. Cdr. Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare WW II, who on 20 Feb ’42 became the Navy’s 1st flying ace when he shot down 5 Japanese bombers and damaged a 6th. O’Hare Int’l Airport named after Butch.

F16-A Falcon, 1/48th, Academy, built by Dan Paulien

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9772 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9775

182nd FW Commander, Peoria ANG, 1991. Also: McMember Steve Konie had his last flight in this F-16, in these markings. Special Operation Longbow Competition markings; OOB, Super Scale decals. Dan modified the ACMI pod. The Sidewinders mounted per decal suggestion. Intake had a ridge inside so Dan made a FOD intake cover from tissue paper and white glue and painted red. Model Master paints.

F-16B, ADF, 1/48th, Revell, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9770 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9769

162nd FS/182nd FW, Peoria, Illinois. 1990. Representing McK member Steve Konie assigned F-16. Resin ejection seat, Model Master Acrylic paints. SuperScale Decals.

OA-37B Dragonfly, 1/48th, Encore/Monogram, built by Jim Batchelder

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9753 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9751 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9750 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9752

SuperScale decal; 162TAS/182nd TASG, Peoria, ANG. Open House markings for the NAS Glenview open house, 1990. 3 tone Euro I scheme.

DC-4, 1/144th, Minicraft, built by Carl Geiger

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9791

United Airlines livery. Manufactured at Douglas / Orchard Field (later renamed O’Hare Airport.)

P-40N Kittyhawk, 1/48th, Hasegawa, built by Mike Hanlon

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9746 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9745

Markings for No. 80 squadron, RAAF Noemfoor, 1944. Lt John N. Ollivier. Paint: Gunze Olive Drab 1 (H52) and Tamiya white, Neutral Gray. Decals are DK, a Czech Republic decal Mfr.

F4U-5 Corsair, 1/48th, Hasegawa/ProModeler, built by Mike Hanlon

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9749 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9748 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9747

Markings for a Corsair based at NAS Glenview, IL. 1950. Kit decals (CartoGraf) Gunze Navy Blue. Vallajo Matt Varnish for the anti-glare.

P51-B Mustang, 1/32nd, Revell, built by Scott Olsen

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9782 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9781

Ill Wind Markings for Capt. Nicholas Megura 334thFS/4thFG ETO. Nose art by Don Allen well known for his 4th FG artwork.

Star Trek USS Enterprise, 1/1000th, Polar Lights, built by Glen Estry

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9744 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9742

Snap fit model. Pearl White paint. There are over 200 decals used on this model (!)

 USS Illinois BB-7 – 1901, 1/700th, NikoModel, built by Steve Kumamoto

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9737 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9738 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9795

Work in progress

HMS Trenchant, 1/350th, Airfix, built by Mark Murray

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9785

Built OOB. Actual sub carried this unique paint scheme.

P47-D Thunderbolt, 1/48th, Hasegawa, built by Charlie Scardon

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9740 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9739

Pilot Lt. Joe O’Neil who lived in Roselle, IL. 509th FS/405thFG at Kitzingen April 1945. Corrected the trim tabs, Aeromaster decals, SNJ metal finish.

TA-4F Skyhawk, 1/48th, Hasegawa, built by Ed Mate

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9765 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9764 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9763

H&ms-11 “Playboys.” Da Nang, Viet Nam, May 1970 Quickboost ejection seats, SuSeMi guns, Eduard wheels, G-Factor landing gear. Zuni rockets home made from a Hasegawa weapons set. Model Master paint. MAW decals. Lightly weathered with artist oils / pastel chalk.

F-86D-35 Sabre , 1/48th, Monogram, built by Ed Mate

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9757 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_97542016 Jan Meeting DSC_9755 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9756

85th FIS, Scott AFB Belleville, IL. Sept. 1953. Pilot: Lt. F. C. Hannold. Eduard photoetch detail set, True Details nose wheel. Alclad II and Floquil paints, artist oils for weathering. Superscale decals.

P-47D-26-RA Thunderbolt, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Ed Mate

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9768 2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9767

509th FS / 405th FG, Kitzingen, Germany April 1945. Pilot: Lt. Mike “The Mole” Titre, IPMS McKinstry member from Lockport, IL.

Eduard Zoom photo etch, Obscureco wheels. Added Ignition wires to engine. Alclad II, Floquil colors. Eagle Strike decals. Weathered with artist oil paints / pastel chalks.

USS Abraham Lincoln, 1/700th, Trumpeter, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9780

12 trees, plus Photo Etch. Lots of tiny parts. 24 Aircraft in clear plastic. Some parts eaten by CARPET MONSTER. “The last model in 1/700 I will build unless it’s a sub with 12 parts!”

U-505 Type IXC Submarine, 1/72nd, Revell, built by John Koziol, Jr.

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9783

This sub is on display at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL. Several items cast in metal by John, including propellers.  (The larger propeller in the right foreground is John’s cast propeller for the Moebius 1/72 Skipjack.)

Nike Hercules Missile, 1/40th, Revell, built by Mark Murray

2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9789  2016 Jan Meeting DSC_9787

Built OOB, kit issued in 1959, had to sand off a zillion rivets. Representing the many Nike sites around the Chicago area in the 1960’s through early 1970’s. There is a kit review by Mark on this subject in a separate post on this website.

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