McKinstry Winners at Butch O’Hare 2015 Show

IPMS McKinstry made a strong showing at the 2015 Butch O’Hare show and contest, taking a club award and several individual awards.

For the 2nd time in two years, IPMS McKinstry came away with the Best Club display award. McKinstry member participation netted an estimated 45 models on 2 tables. A good “across the board” variety included props, jets, and armor. Paul G. brought several of his “one off” wide body military aircraft and there were no less than 10 P-47 Thunderbolts present. Those who participated included Jim Batchelder, Paul Gasiorowski, Mike Hanlon, Ed Mate, Scott Olsen, Dan Paulien, Frank Ress, and the Tick.


Dan with the Best Club Display award

In addition, Glenn Estry, Dan Paulien, and Frank Ress entered several models in the contest, winning 3 bronze and 2 silver.


Dan Paulien – Wyvern, silver; F-84G Thunderjet, silver; A-37B Dragonfly, bronze; Frank Ress – Autocar Tractor/Loadcraft Trailer, bronze


Glen Estry, Nichimoco 1/200 Type IX Uboat, bronze


Club Display Table

OHare_2015_DSC_9570 OHare_2015_DSC_9575OHare_2015_DSC_9576 OHare_2015_DSC_9578 OHare_2015_DSC_9579 OHare_2015_DSC_9580

Paul G. ready to greet and interpret for the fans

Paul G. ready to greet and interpret for the fans

Panorama of the whole table

Panorama of the whole table

Parting Shots

OHare_2015_DSC_9589 OHare_2015_DSC_9585 OHare_2015_DSC_9574 OHare_2015_DSC_9571 OHare_2015_DSC_9569 OHare_2015_DSC_9568

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