November 2015 Meeting Notes

November 13, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Twins

Program: Charlie Scardon – Making Water, Pt. 2

(Due to a longer-than-expected, long-winded general discussion, Charlie’s program was postponed until the January meeting.)

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski and The Tick

For the 2nd time in two years, IPMS McKinstry came away with the Best Club display award.  A number of models from McKinstry members also won individual awards.  Further details to follow in a separate post.


Dan Paulien cradles the award for best club display, and dreams of even bigger things for next year.

The theme for the evening was twins; anything x2. Bill Soppet and the Tick brought no models, but did note the fact they wear the same shoes. Members (well, Bill and the Tick ARE members) were impressed and thought it noteworthy!


It really doesn’t matter which is Bill, and which is Norris. Except to them.

That’s right; both Bill Soppet and the Tick wore the same Nunn & Bush shoes. The Tick being a bit further down the road than Ol’ Man Soppet, favored shoes and jeans a bit more weathered. It should also be noted that Bill really does wear his pants that short.

A-37B Dragonfly, 1/48th, Monogram, built by Dan Paulien

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9631 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9627

Dan said it was OOB, however he did add lead foil seat belts, and stretched sprue antenna. Sorry Dan, YOU are disqualified from…   something.  The nice camo job was freehand with airbrush.  Dan scores major points for using the lousy kit decals for the colorful S. Viet Nam markings. This model was awarded a bronze medal at the Butch O’Hare show the week before.

F-84G Thunderjet, 1/72nd, Academy Models, built by Dan Paulien

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9632 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9626a

Airbrushed with Alclad. He says it’s OOB. (See above. I don’t know if we can trust him at his word.) Dan was awarded a silver medal at O’Hare for this one.

Wyvern, 1/72nd, Trumpeter, built by Dan Paulien

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9633 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9625a

My notes don’t indicate if Dan claimed this one was OOB, buy it also netted Dan a silver medal at the Butch O’hare contest.

Mosquito, 1/24th, Airfix, by John Koziol Jr.

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9624 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9607

John is showing some progress as the cast engines and landing gear are now attached.,

Two Myrts, 1/72nd, Fujimi and Aoshima, by Steve Kumamoto

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9637 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9636

In keeping with the evening theme, Steve brought two MYRTS! Fujimi kit: OOB except for a vac-formed canopy. The Aoshima version: had to cut off pilots and scratch the interior. He made a vacuformed canopy using his Mattel former. He thickened the spinner with plastic wood and scratch built the gas tank.

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9611 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9612 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9608 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9609

DO-217, 1/72nd, Italeri, by Steve Kumamoto

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9643 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9610

Steve also brought along a DO-217 (also in theme featuring 2 engines…)   It was built OOB and he used decals for all of the canopy framing.

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9635 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9623 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9622 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9613

P-38E Lightning, 1/72nd, Airfix, by Frank Ress

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9638 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9616

Frank notes it was the best available kit at the time (late 60’s) and required a lot of filling and sanding.  All the air intakes (aside from the ones beneath the engines) had to be carved out to open them up. The canopy was Vac formed, antenna wires are stretched sprue. Frank used Floquil paint and the kit decals.

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9615 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9614

Boeing 314 Pan Am Clipper, 1/144th, Academy/Minicraft, by Mark Murray


Built out of the box. Water by Charlie Scardon. Charlie KNOWS how to make water…

2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9645 2015_Nov_Meeting_DSC_9644

Type IX Uboat, 1/200th, Nichimoco, by Glen Estry


Glen describes his technique for modelling water


Sliced on an angle to allow the sub to be displayed as it surfaces.  Water is Liquitex glazing medium. Wiring: .001″ Nanofil fishing line. Bronze medal at Butch O’Hare contest.



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