2016 November Meeting Notes

November 18, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Radial Engines Post-WWII

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski and The Tick

Attendees were: Frank Ress, Paul Gasiorowski, Jim Batchelder, THE TICK, Charlie Scardon, Steve Kumamoto, Dan Paulien, Carl Geiger, Mike Hanlon

There were not so many members at the November meeting so we had some extra time. After the business part of the meeting was finished, we discussed many subjects – “stuff” like Mike Hanlon’s tanning salon visits and the annual Butch O’Hare contest. It appears the contest rules have changed up over the years. The Tick mentioned he would try to get a set of the rules via Bill Soppet, but of course that likely won’t happen because the Tick always has “other stuff” on his mind…

Since there was plenty of time, Mike Hanlon tried to use as much of the evening as he could to talk about his current build, knowing full well that he had a longer leash than usual. 2016-nov-meeting-01

Yes, he really pushed it, to the point Charlie indicated he couldn’t handle it any more.
Hanlon went on, and on… and on…



Charlie, exhausted, took a nap… and Hanlon continued to drone on. Droning on… extolling how great his craftsmanship has become and the virtues of the kit itself.







One of the guys had a tube of lipstick so… Like who knew the Tick was an artist? 2016-nov-meeting-02WE WON’T identify what member was thoughtful enough to have lipstick, but Charlie is grateful that it wasn’t a Sharpie.





Butch O’Hare Award


After Hanlon ran out of words… discussion turned to the display table McKinstry had at the annual O’Hare show. Our club was deemed to have the best display and rewarded with the Butch O’Hare “Best Club Display 2016 Award” for the 3rd year in a row.  A three-peat! We expect this feat will generate as much buzz for the club as it did for the Bulls.

For his time and energy organizing this project, the McMembership presented the plaque to Paul Gasiorowski.. WELL done, Paul!

Those who loaded the table (and behind it) included James Batchelder, Paul Gasiorowski, Carl Geiger, Mike Hanlon, Steve Kumamoto, Ed Mate, Dan Paulien, Frank Ress, Charlie Scardon, and the Tick.

2016-nov-meeting-07 2016-nov-meeting-06 2016-nov-meeting-05 2016-nov-meeting-04

There was some discussion of ideas for next year’s show. Comments included the idea that we have a THEME or two to put on the tables.

Paul suggested airliners, or 144 scale jets. Of course, he’d have to supply most of the models in these categories – he says he has 6 or so. Sounds like his memory is going, or that he’s estimating only 6 to throw off the wife.

Another suggestion was to get away from Thunderbolts, we had plenty at this years table. We should be more diverse to try to be best of show again in 2017. Hmmm. It might be a challenge for some members to come up with anything OTHER than T-bolts; can a leopard change it’s spots?

Library Display


IPMS McKinstry put up our annual display at the library. This time around, the theme was Pearl Harbor. Included were models of aircraft and ships present plus several books, a map, and other information describing the attack.

Thanks to the club members who provided items and helped set up the display: Brian Gardner, Paul Gasiorowski, Steve Kumamoto, Frank Ress, Charlie Scardon, and Dan Paulien.

Models for the VA

Paul Gasiorowski collected models and supplies for distribution to Hines VA Hospital, Maywood, IL. and the Lovell VA Administration, Naval Station Great Lakes. In all, Paul delivered over 60 kits to each plus modeling supplies. I don’t have a complete list of those who donated, but the Santa list did include Brian Gardner, Paul, Steve Kumamoto and Frank Ress.

A-1H Skyraider, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Norris Graser

2016-nov-meeting-09 2016-nov-meeting-10

Model Master 34079 green, 30219 tan, 36622. Gunze 34102 green. AeroMaster decals for SPAD. DAD ~ CO’s a/c 6 SOS.

F-86D Sabre, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Steve Kumamoto

2016-nov-meeting-11 2016-nov-meeting-12

Built many moons ago, out of the box with MicroScale decals. Overall Floquil silver. Markings are for F-86D-45 4th FIS at Misawa. Steve thought this was a nice, solid kit.

Hurricane Mk-1a, 1/48th, Airfix, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-nov-meeting-14 2016-nov-meeting-13

Italeri paints: dark earth, Middlestone and azure blue. Mike used AeroMaster decals for an aircraft based at Malta.

These planes had special tropical filters installed. Mike had to do some surgery to bring the airplane up to date. There were some fit issues, and the armor plate behind the seat was glued in first, then he shoved the cockpit into the fuselage from the bottom.

F-82G Twin Mustang, 1/72nd, Monogram, built by Steve Kumamoto

2016-nov-meeting-15 2016-nov-meeting-16

68th FS. Markings represent the 1st air to air kill during the Korean War, downing a YAK 11. The 1st 3 enemy a/c shot down in the Korean War were by 68th FS F-82’s.

Prototype XP-82s, P-82Bs and P-82Es retained both fully equipped cockpits so that pilots could fly the aircraft from either position, alternating control on long flights. Later night fighter versions kept the cockpit on the left side only, placing the radar operator in the right position.

Sea Fury, 1/72nd, Hobbycraft, built by Charlie Scardon

2016-nov-meeting-17 2016-nov-meeting-18

Gunze Sangyo paint. Kit decals. Photo-etched metal included in the kit for antenna, cockpit details, and seatbelts. The wheel wells had very little detail.

PB4Y-1, 1/72nd, Minicraft, built by Charlie Scardon

2016-nov-meeting-20 2016-nov-meeting-19

Built out of the box and in post war reserve markings for San Diego that sent to Alaska on a special deployment (hence the red high-visibility paint). Decals were from a variety of Superscale sheets. See Charlie’s kit review for additional background on the kit and Charlie’s build.

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