2017 January Meeting Notes

January 20, 2017 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Prop jobs and ships – Korean War

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski and The Tick

Attendees were: Paul Gasiorowski, THE TICK, Mike Hanlon, Jim Batchelder, Frank Ress, Brian Gardner, Charlie Scardon, Steve Kumamoto

The meeting was held in the Cardinal Room. Everyone seemed to like it better than conference room I or the Hendricksen Room. It’s an in between size, but comfortable. (We’ve made inquiries, and the current library policy is that they’ll only make the Cardinal Room available to groups like ours if we’re bumped from a reservation in the Hendricksen Room. And, of course, the primary problem with that is that we can’t get reservations for the Hendricksen in the first place. Frank has requested that the library revisit this policy, due to decreased availability of the Hendricksen Room, but the response so far has been negative.)

Star Wars TIE fighter, 1/72nd, Bandai, built by Mike Hanlon

Built OOB, no English translation in the instructions or indication what colors to use. Mike used neutral gray and neutral gray with 20% white added. The base was made so other Bandai Star War pieces could be attached inline.

P-40B, 1/48th, Airfix, built by Mike Hanlon

Xtra Decals depicting a Russian P-40 1941-2. Vallejo paints were used including dark O.D. and neutral gray. Light blue was used to simulate painting over the U.S. Insignia as the P-40’s were delivered to Russia with U.S. markings.

F7F-3N, 1/72nd, Monogram, built by Steve Kumamoto

Scratch built radar operator compartment (seat, instrument panel, etc.) and nose wheel well. The rear canopy was vac formed over a plaster mold. The nose from canopy forward is a custom vac formed piece. Replacement props are Aero Club with square tips.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner, 1/144th, Zveda, built by Paul Gasiorowski

Paul reports the overall fit of this kit is very good – the wing to fuselage fit was so good that glue is not necessary to attach it to the fuselage. He used Model Master Acrylics. The model was built OOB. The kit decals were for a Boeing Demonstrator for United Airlines from F-Dcal. The sheet included decals for the windows. The clear kit windows were glued in and then sanded smooth to the fuselage. The engines were little kits in themselves containing about 15 parts each. When finished it’s a big kit, it needs about 1.5 sq. feet of space.

Read Paul’s kit review (soon to come) for additional details.

F-14 Tomcat, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by James Batchelder

Built out of the box, it was a good build – basically shake and bake. This kit is the best engineered Tomcat in any scale. Jim encountered no problems assembling it. Model Master paints used throughout. Clear blue was used to tint the canopy. The decals represent VF-84 Jolly Roger squadron.

Sea Fury F.B. Mk II, 1/48th, Hobbycraft, built by Paul Gasiorowski

Built OOB, including photo etch, Vac canopy, and resin side panels. Photo etch parts and resin side panels are hidden once the canopy goes on. There was no need for any filler to be used. Model Master acrylics. Decals for a British carrier based a/c during the Korean War.

Typhoon, Oscar II, Delta III, Ohio class, 1/700th, DML, built by Charlie Scardon

Work in progress.  Subjects listed top to bottom in left image.

What the???

The moment Steve notices that he scratch built the wrong type nose wheel gear section, and that the rear strut is backawards (sic)…

…and Charlie evidently couldn’t care less – he’s still tryin’ to figure out that new-fangled ‘smart’ phone…

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