2016 September Meeting Notes

September 23, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: ODD Ball Weapons

Notes by The Tick, guest commentary by the webmaster

F-51D Korean War, 1/48th, Tamiya, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0566 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0564

Tamiya Medium Sea Grey and Gunze Sangyo H-52 Olive Drab upper camouflage over Tamiya Light Sea Grey lower Ultracast Aeroproducts propellor and spinner. Ultracast P-51D block tread tires. Red Roo dust filters.

Xtradecal X48-092 P-51D Mustang Mark IV RAF, RCAF, and RAAF service. Number 3 Squadron RAAF April-May 1945 Cervia, Italy.

Boulton Paul Defiant, 1/48th, Airfix, built by Mike Hanlon

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0567 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0568

Number 264 Squadron RAF Hornchurch July 1940. A/K Interactive paints RAF day camouflage. Kit decals. Eduard photo-etch instrument panel and seat belts.

Soviet Aerosan (AKA first snowmobile), 1/35th, Trumpeter, built by Dan Paulien

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0570 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0571

Built OTB Basic paint is Model Master Insignia White. Finished with washes, watercolors and pastel weathering.

13″ Seacoast Mortar, Model 1861, 1/35th, Flagship Models, built by Glenn Estry

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0573 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0574

This started out as a resin kit, but the small parts were too brittle, so they found their way to the trash can. Glenn then made replacements of wood and brass and copper for the majority of the original kit parts.

Shinden, 1/72nd, Tamiya, built by Frank Ress Sr.

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0576 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0575

Frank Ress brought this model, but it wasn’t his build. Frank’s father built this OOB sometime in the 1970’s. Likely using Floquil paints, kit decals.

“Dad liked ‘weird-Os’ – he found anything that looked non-traditional interesting.  And he’d never build 3 of anything if they weren’t part of a set, he’d want to try something completely different. Now I’m in a chapter that has a fixation on P-47s – seems like half the kits, themes, and conversations are about Thunderbolts. Jugs are one of my personal favorite WWII a/c, too, but there are just too many other things I want to build.  And I’m attracted to the weird and one-offs, too. Probably why I like Norris, crusty as he is. I’ve wondered whether this meeting theme is some kind of subliminal self-reference to the Tick.”

Bacham Ba-349A Natter, 1/72nd, Bren gun, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0586 2016-sep-meeting-dsc_0587

Partially built model. A rocket powered point defense interceptor. First flight march 1945. Plastic with resin and photo etched parts.

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