April 2015 Meeting Notes

April 10, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Nuke Nite

Program: Charlie Scardon – Applying Lozenge Decals

While show n tell was fine, the theme only produced four models for NUKE NITE. They were: B-52 stratofortress, 1/72nd scale Monogram built by John Koziol; A-4E Skyhawk, 1/48th Scale, Hasegawa built by Ed Mate; F-89J Scorpion, 1/72nd scale, Academy by Dan Paulien; F2H-1 (although I believe it was the F2H-2 that was the 1st Banshee capable of carrying a nuke) model by Carl Geiger

Continuing WW I aircraft programs, in anticipation of the May WW I theme night, Charlie Scardon presented a demo on applying lozenge decals. He had everyone’s attention – especially concerning his unusual way of using Future Acrylic when applying decals.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8498

B-52D 1/72nd scale Monogram by John Koziol

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8503

USS Greenville, 1/700th scale Hobby Boss. Model master Acryl paint by Paul Gasiorowski

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8499

Paul Gasiorowski, under construction

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8502

Paul Gasiorowski, under construction

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8500

F-89J Scorpion all weather interceptor. Weapons included air to air Genie missile.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8501

F-89J by Dan Paulien 1/72, Academy built OOB, Gloss Aircraft Gray finish. Iowa ANG markings.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8504

TBM-1C Avenger, 1/48th scale Accurate Miniatures. Model by Ed Mate.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8505

VT-18 USS Intrepid Philippine Sea Oct 1944.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8506

Eduard Photo Etch, Master Model gun barrels, MMaster/Aeromaster paint SuperScale Decals

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8507

A-4E Skyhawk, 1/48th Hasegawa by Ed Mate

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8508

VA-106 USS Intrepid Tonkin Gulf Oct 1968

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8509

ModelMaster paints, Afterburner Decals, Aires ejection seat, G-Factor landing gear

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8510

P-47D-15-RE Thunderbolt, 1/48th Scale, Tamiya, Rising Decals. MMaster and Floquil Paint

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8511

Markings are for Wicked Wabbit Lt J.C. Hare, 65thFS/57thFG 1944 Alto Corica Model by Ed Mate

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8512

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8514

Me-109G4 in Italian Markings. 1/32nd scale by Scott Olsen

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8515

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8516

F2H-1 Banshee by Carl Geiger. This is the ancient 1/48th Hawk kit.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8517

If you are familiar with the kit, you will appreciate the work that went into it.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8518

Markings: NAS Glenview training squadron.


If members liked the March program on building wood props by Charlie Scardon, then the group was in for a pleasant surprise when he demo’d his application technique for lozenge pattern decals. Charlie explained how and where to cut lozenge before applying to the models. There is more behind it than you would think! He also used his rather different technique for applying decals by dipping them in Future Floor Acrylic instead of the traditional method of preparing the surface with gloss, letting it dry and then applying in the standard manner using water. Two very useful programs in a row from Charlie.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8522aa2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8526 2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8525

Here’s a few of the finished products – we’ll see more of these next month, hopefully, when the theme for the meeting is WWI.

2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8530 2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8529 2015 Apr Meeting DSC_8528


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