May 2015 Meeting Notes

May 22, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Bare Metal aircraft

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski

16 members attended the meeting. Bill S., Brian G., Frank R., Scott O., John Jr., John Sr., Charlie S., Steve K., Mike H., Paul G., Glen E., Jim B., Mark M., The Tick, Bill L., Lee L.

It was a pretty good turn out for the holiday weekend.

Frank Ress gave a short demo on how the new website would look. Frank is moving a lot of the information from the old website to the new, but it will take some time because of all the pictures and articles that are embedded in the site. It looks like it will be easy to navigate once it’s up and running. He will email a link to all members, once it is ready.

There where something like 30 models for show and tell. Charlie and Steve had the bulk of the WWI planes on display.

Glen Estry

  • Spad XIII, 1/72, Academy. Not a bad build, but the decals were very thick.
  • Sopwith Triplane, 1 /72, Revell
  • 2 Plane Diorama, Fokker DVII & Sopwith Camel, 1/72 Revell and Academy. The diorama showed the planes in flight with one chasing the other. The base of the diorama was the ground which made it look more realistic. Nice job Glen.

John Koziol Sr.

  • S.E. 5, Guillows wood kit. 24” wingspan, quite old. Some metal parts included.

John Koziol Jr.

  • Mosquito, Airfix, 1/24. John’s continuing saga of the metal rolls Royce engine mounted on this 1/24 scale airplane.

Lee Lygiros

  • 3 tank models circa WWI,MK  IV, 1/35, Enhar, A7V Tank, 1/35, Tauro, DFW T-28, 1/48, Eduard. Lots of trial and tribulation when assembling the tanks. A frank Comment for Lee was %##%%&%^ on the ease of building these kits.

Paul Gasiorowski

  • British SE5A, 1/48, Lindberg. Lot of clean up of parts, many small pcs for engine assembly which would be hidden from view once the cowling was one. Overall colors Olive Drab on upper wing surfaces and body. Sand on the lower wing surfaces. Tried not to be to neat with the pain job to show some wear and tear on the plane. Cabanes were hard to get set up right. Omitted the rigging.
  •  NT-34 Modified Air Force Boeing 737.. All miscellaneous bumps and lumps add the the fuselage. Basic primer added to the plane. Next step is to paint the Semi Gloss White and be ready for the next meeting. The rear tail radome was made of 3/8” dowel rod, with a brass insert to give it some body when attached to the rear of the 737.
  •  KC-135R, 1/144, Minicraft. Minicraft did a good job of producing this kit. Upper fuselage seams cleaned up well. Added some weight to the nose of the plane to keep it from being a tail sitter. Some filling and sanding at the windshield. Used Model Master Acryl paints, with a Tamiya primer as a base.

Steve Kumamoto (all 1/48)

  • Albatros DIII. Manufacturer: Glencoe (Ex Aurora); Injection molded. Except for cockpit OOB. Builds great even after all these years I think I remember building it in the late l950s. Recommended as a first WWI kit. Decals are for Werner Voss 1917.
  • Fokker D VIII. Manufacturer: Koster Vacform. Excellent as an Intro for WWI vacforms. Incl. jig makes positioning wing a snap.
  • Folker D VII. Early Man: Rodan; Injection molded. OOB. In general, a good accurate kit but brittle plastic lets the struts for wings down. I had to use wood to make new struts. But, metal would have been better. Whether or not you show the motor, working in the cowling area is tough. Decals are for LTN. Hugo Shaefer. Jasta 15 summer 1918.
  • R.A.F. SE-5a. Man: Rodan; Injection molded. OOB. Very good kit, except for the brittle plastic, no problems in assembly as long as you forget showing the motor. Decals are for 2/LT J.J. Fitzgerald. Oct 1917
  • Sopwith Triplane. Man: Koster Vac. Very good and easy to build vacform. Cast metal struts make aligning wings fairly easy. Decals are for FLT. CDR R. Collishaw.
  • Berg D. 1. Man: Flashback (ex Edward?). Inj. OOB. Fairly easy build, but be careful with the decals as you only get one shot (no backups) at getting it right. I would recommend applying the decals in sections, not in one piece. Decals are for F. Like-Crawford Flikv 60J

Charlie Scardon

  • High wing monoplane w/striped stab; 1/72 Eduard Fokker E.V Jasta 6 out of the box except for wooden prop
  • High wing monoplane silver German; 1/72 Heller Morane Saulnier  MS-230 modified to the one from The Blue Max
  • Silver incomplete German biplane w/hexagon lozenge; 1/72 Meicraft Dornier D.I Pegasus lozenge
  • Incomplete green German biplane; 1/72 Eduard Junker J.1
  • German biplane with white stripe on upper wing; 1/72 Aeroclub Fokker D.VI Jasta 80b
  • Red German biplane; 1/72 Toko (now Eastern Express) Sieman Schuckert D.III Ernst Udet Jasta 4
  • Green German biplane; 1/72 Toko (now Eastern Express) Sieman Schuckert D.IV Alfred Lerner
  • German biplane w/striped stab; 1/72 Toko (now Eastern Express) Phaltz D.XII pilot unknown
  • Black Fokker DVII; 1/72 Esci w/Roseplane nose Fokker D.VII (Alb) Carl Degalow Jasta 40
  • Grey/brown Fokker DVII; 1/72 Revell w/Roseplane nose Fokker D.VII (OAW) Wilhelm Scheutzel Jasta 65
  • Austrian biplane; 1/72 Toko (now Eastern Express) Hansa Brandenburg DI  Flik 41J Godwin Brumowski
  • HMS M1 monitor submarine 1/700 HP kit
  • Imperial Russian destroyer Engineer Mechanic Zweriev 1/700 Model Krak kit

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