March 2015 Meeting Notes

March 20, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Peeping Toms and Queers

Program: Charlie Scardon – Scratchbuilt wooden props

It seems everyone must have understood the theme was to be interpreted in the military vernacular. Not so many theme oriented models appeared this month – not a single Prowler on the table. But there were a few “peeping toms” including a U2, F4G, SR71, Scout car and Russian Viktor class sub…

But first – contest winners!

2015 Mar Meeting 1

Charles Scardon ~ IJN Zuiho 1/700- Hasegawa; Scratchbuilt entire deck – PE railings, AA, linoleum tie downs, antenna. Deck: all paint, no decals. Won 2nd place at Indy

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8432








Also built by Charlie – USS Tuscaloosa 1/700-Trumpeter; Almost everything altered, modified or scratchbuilt. Backdated 1942 San Francisco kit to pre war 1940 fit.

2015 Mar Meeting 2

Filled and redrilled portholes, built new deck using plastic card and laser etched wood, corrected the armor on hull, rebuilt entire bridge to correct it, rebuilt 5″ guns, added multitude of small parts, SOC biplanes are 15 parts each, catapults are 16 each, added utility boats on hangar, opened hangar, rigging is .003 stainless wire and stretched sprue, added Roosevelt’s wheelchair ramp, corrected searchlight tower-it has 23 parts; all total there are about 490 parts on kit.


2015 Mar Meeting 050 2015 Mar Meeting 049

And another – Russian coast defense ship Novogorod. 1/700 Modelkrak resin kit. Drilled out funnels,scratched the mast, davits, boats, flags. PE/stretched sprue railings and rigging.

2015 Mar Meeting 3 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8430c

And now, on to the  theme subjects…

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8429

Steve Kumamoto ~ M8 Scout car 1/32 Monogram. OOB Built over 50 years ago!

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8438

Mark Murray ~ F-4G Phantom 1/48 Hasegawa WIP: Added F-15 centerline and Monogram wing tanks. Resin intakes/cover and covered exhaust cans

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8431

Mark Murray ~ Victor Class Russian Sub 1/350, Hobby Boss

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8437

John Koziol ~ 1/48 Hawk U-2 Built in 1982

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8442

Jim Batchelder ~ 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird OOB

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8443

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8439

Mike Hanlon ~ IL-2 Sturmovik 1/48 Tamiya AeroMaster Decals Tamiya paints

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8440

Mike Hanlon ~ Spitfire Mk. Vb Victory Production decals, Tamiya paints

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8436

John Koziol ~ Mosquito 1/24 Airfix-Landing gear/gas tank cast non precious C&B replacement parts

2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8441

Frank Ress ~ A-4B Skyhawk 1/72 Airfix W.I.P.

PROGRAM: Wood Props

An interesting and very useful program was presented for the evening. Charlie Scardon brought along all of his various types of wood veneer – some loose scraps of veneer, other pieces laminated, glued and clamped together.  Then he demonstrated show how to make wooden props, starting with a piece of laminated stock, then applying a paper plan view of the prop and carving the piece to make the blades.


2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8448 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8447 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8449 2015 Mar Meeting reszd 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8454 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8453 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8446 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8445 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8450 2015 Mar Meeting DSC_8444

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