October 2013 Meeting Recap

October 2013 McKinstry Meeting

Program: Frank Ress – Casting Lead Weights

2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6209 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6210 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6212 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6213 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6214 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6215 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6216 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6217 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6219 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6220 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6221 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6222 2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6223

Frank Ress described how to cast lead weights for nosecones and similar uses.  The presentation included demonstration how to use modelling clay to create a positive master, mixing Hydrocal plaster to prepare a mold from the clay master, and explanation how to use the completed mold to cast a custom weight.  Sources for tools and materials were suggested, and samples of completed weights were on display.

2013 Oct Meeting DSC_6224

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