November 2013 Meeting Recap

November 2013 McKinstry Meeting

Meeting photos

2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0020 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0022 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0023 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0024 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0026 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0027 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0030 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0031 2013 Nov Meeting IMG_0032

McKinstry Club Display – November 2013 Butch O’Hare Model Show

2013 Nov OHare DSC_6259 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6260 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6261 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6262 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6280 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6281 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6282 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6284 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6285 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6286 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6287 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6299 2013 Nov OHare DSC_6300

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