September 2015 Meeting Notes

September 11, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Your latest finished model

Notes by The  Tick

The theme for September was “Your Latest Finished Model.” The theme was intentionally selected as a “no brainer” so the members could take a bit of a breather and catch up on other projects and begin preparing for themes coming up in the next several months.

This month’s theme was originally to have been anything Illinois, but Norris pushed it back till January to allow everyone the November-January meeting gap to build something new (hopefully). Per the “TICK” he is to send out a list of ideas that may inspire members as to various subjects they might like to do in keeping with the theme.

The show and tell for the meeting was a bit light. A total of five members presented those in attendance with five subjects. As luck would have it, the Tick’s camera malfunctioned, as well. The end result was 2 images in all. Fortunately, getting those models back either on or before the October meeting worked out for all but one model.

U Boat 511, Nichimo, 1/200 scale, built by Glenn Estry

Sliced hull bottom to make it appear as it is surfacing. Mounted to wood, filled with Acrylic Glazing Medium for water. (no pictures)

Spitfire I, Tamiya 1/48th scale, built by Mike Hanlon 

Italeri Paint and Xtra Decals.

2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9416 2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9417

Sea Hurricane I, Airfix 1/48th Scale, built by Mike Hanlon 

Tamiya paints, AeroMaster Decals (no pictures)

GMC 6×6, Hasegawa 1/72 Scale, built by Frank Ress

Frank says it’s a nice kit for the scale and vintage. There is no cab interior or engine. Good texture on canvas tops. Stake bed includes bench seats for an option. Model paints used were all Model Master Acrylics. The paint was lightened a bit for the canvas to simulate fading.

2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9433 2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9431 2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9421 2015_Sep_Meeting_DSC_9420


Chieftain Mk.5 Tank, Tamiya 1/35th Scale, built by Mark Murray

Built out of the box using Testors and Floquil paints for weathering.

2015_Sep_Meeting_01 2015_Sep_Meeting_02






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