July 2015 Meeting Notes

July 17, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Inline Engines

Weeeelllll… Not such a great meeting this time around. Chalk it up to everyone going to the IPMS National Convention in Ohio.

A short show-n-tell for the evening; the theme was inline engines for which Mike Hanlon provided five P-40’s in various types. Plus John Koziol brought along his 1/24 Airfix Mosquito and one of the most beat all to hell and gone models we have seen in a long time. He wouldn’t claim it as his own mentioning it caught his eye at the Glenview Museum where he purchased it. He didn’t know what it was for sure, nor the manufacturer. However, the Tick did a bit of research: It is a Bf-109 F-4 perched on top of a Mistel 1/JU-88. Kit by Italeri 1/72nd scale. The meeting adjourned about 30 minutes early and then it was off to Buffalo’s to “talk it up” with several members and make fun of those who weren’t there.. Just kidding.. Well, mostly kidding…


Airfix Mosquito – John Koziol 1/24th double cast Merlin engine and cast gear legs

1 24th scale Airfix Mosquito

John Koziol – 1/24 Mosquito with cast metal engines, props, and landing gear

2015 Jul Meeting Pic15

John Koziol – 1/24 Mosquito cast metal engine detail

2015 Jul Meeting Pic16

John Koziol – 1/24 Mosquito, cast metal engines, props detail

2015 Jul Meeting Pic14

Mike Hanlon with his latest acquisition and a gleam in his eye

P-40’s: All are Hasegawa 1/48th scale. ALL built by Mike Hanlon:

P-40E  O.D./Tan Dragon art: A/C 80; 49th FG 1942, Superscale decals, Gunze Sangyo paints

P-40K Desert pink A/C 13  64th FS 57th FG 1943, Aeromaster decals, PollyScale and Tamiya paints

P-40M O.D./Gray Princess Pat II A/C 129; 49th FG 1944, Aeromaster decals, Tamiya paints

P-40N RAAF O.D. A/C GB*U 071944-45, Aeromaster decals, Tamiya paints

P-40N American 49th FG O.D./Grey “Rusty” A/C 71944, Aeromaster decals, Tamiya paints

2015 Jul Meeting P 40 E 49th FG 2015 Jul Meeting P-40K 64th FS 57th FG 2015 Jul Meeting P-40M 49th fg 2015 Jul Meeting P-40N 49th FG 2015 Jul Meeting P-40N RAAF 2015 Jul Meeting Pic01 2015 Jul Meeting Pic02 2015 Jul Meeting Pic03 2015 Jul Meeting Pic04 2015 Jul Meeting Pic05 2015 Jul Meeting Pic06 2015 Jul Meeting Pic07 2015 Jul Meeting Pic08 2015 Jul Meeting Pic09 2015 Jul Meeting Pic10 2015 Jul Meeting Pic11 2015 Jul Meeting Pic12 2015 Jul Meeting Pic13 2015 Jul Meeting Pic19

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