October 2014 Meeting Recap

October 10, 2014 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: X planes and “what ifs”..

Carl Geiger

Bell XF-77 1/72 Special Hobby. A light weight wooden aircraft . Used Model Master Non Buffing Aluminum

McDonnell XF-85 Goblin 1/72 MPM. Paint: Model Master Non Buffing Aluminum

Brian Gardner

Brian brought along several rare boxed kits featuring what ifs amnd X planes. Included were HobbyTime / Aurora Bell XV-3 Convertiplane, Aurora AH-56A Cheyenne Copter, Adams Aerial Missile carrier. Though not noted on the box top, this was the Cessna CH-1/YH-41 Seneca Helicopter.

Glenn Estry

Type XII/4C 1/144 Revell/Germany. This model / diorama took 1st place at the I Hobby Expo, held a few weeks ago.

Glen also gave a small demo on replicating water for his ship model dioramas’using Liquitex glazing medium.

Mike Hanlon

Spitfire and 2 Typhoons’- 1/48 Hasegawa and Tamiya- all 3 work in progress

Dan Paulien

P-51D with ramjets 1/48 Hasegawa Out of the box. The ramjets are kit supplied and made of resin. He used Alclad metallic paint to finish the Mustang. North American F-107 Ultra Sabre 1/72 Trumpeter OOB ALL red was painted by Dan as there were NO kit decals issued!– Also known as the Super Super Sabre. Flight crews called it the Man Eater in reference to the position of the air intake located directly above the cockpit.

Frank Ress

XP-79 Flying Ram 1/72 RS Models. Short run kit with nice detail and molding. There are a few fit issues

Lee Lygiros

Northrop NM-1 1/48 Sword.

Deutsche Flugzenwerke T-28 Floh 1/48 Lee says he fought both models. He realized the Floh wasn’t the simple kit he imagined when he found that the entire cockpit was made of photo etch.

Norris Graser

F-19 Stealth Fighter 1/48 Revell. This was never actually released by Revell. Norris built the model for box top use but the project dropped after the model was completed. It later resurfaced in release with Arii and/or Otaki Models. Also sized down to 1/144th scale and in current release by Revell/Germany

2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8071 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8072 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8073 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8074 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8077 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8079 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8080 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8081 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8083 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8084 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8085 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8087 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8088 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8089 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8090 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8091 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8092 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8093 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8094 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8095 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8098 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8099 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8100 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8102 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8103 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8105 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8107 2014 Oct Meeting DSC_8109

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