Meeting Changes due to Covid-19

The Arlington Heights Public Library has been closed (and reopened, and closed again, and opened again…) due to the Illinois state efforts to manage the pandemic.  At the moment, the library itself is open with restrictions – see for details – but all meeting rooms are closed.  McKinstry club meetings will be cancelled until the library reopens and allows meetings to take place in their facilities.  The 2020 meetings after February were cancelled, and no new room reservations can be made until the library begins accepting reservations again.

The planned theme and program schedules will be restarted in the current order once meetings resume.  So the March theme (twin-booms) and the program (Dave Kopielski showing how to illuminate models using LEDs and fiber optics) will be on tap for the next meeting.

The meeting information on the website will be updated as the situation changes to reflect our best guess when we’ll be able to get together again.

In the meantime, the Tick has finished newsletters covering all the meetings through February 2020, and those are available on the Newsletter Archive page of this website.

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