Website updates

It’s a new year, the pandemic is winding down, and McK is doing a little introspection.

We’ve started a bit of a membership drive. We’ve printed flyers and are in the process of distributing them to the area hobby stores (independents, Hobbytowns, Michael’s and Hobby Lobbys) and other retail outlets (a few Ace Hardware stores) that sell plastic models. We added a ‘Join’ page to the website, as well, to encourage modelers in the area to join McKnstry.

We’ve also made some cosmetic changes to the website to clean up the appearance and use those improvements in the flyer campaign. We’ve literally ‘cleaned up’ one of our logos that had been created in the cut-and-paste days before computer editing was commonplace (the background was kind of a mottled gray, instead of white). Then that logo was added to the webpage banner along with a little text to create a more balanced and pleasing design.

Then we did a little work on the right sidebar to prioritize the content from top to bottom. We removed less useful elements and added some new content (a search bar to find site content, an event calendar to highlight local, regional, and national shows and contests that should be of interest to club members, and links to videos we’ve begun to capture of member how-to programs from the monthly meetings).

We hope you find the new updates useful. More to follow.

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