2016 August Meeting Notes

August 27, 2016 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: D Day/Armor

Notes by The Tick and Paul

Attendees were: Paul Gasiorowski, THE TICK, Jim Batchelder, Frank Ress, Mark Murray

The meeting was held at Paul’s house (as there was no room at the library).  It was a nice change of pace, and those who attended had an enjoyable time.  Plus, there were snacks!

Not too many club members attended and that’s OK; The Tick had less members to fight with over the refreshments. It did, however, make it more difficult to steal some of Paul’s golf ball collection. A total of 10 models were on display.

Boeing 720, 1/144th, Roden, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-aug-meeting-dsc_0486 2016-aug-meeting-dsc_0487

Paul is still on his 1/144th wide body “kick” and had this attractive scheme which represents Elton John’s tour plane that he used in the 1970’s.

Tamiya gray primer, Model Master acrylic Gloss white and Blue Angels Blue. Metallics used were Floquil Old Silver and Model Master Aluminum from a rattle can. Kit decals posed no major problems. Paul reports it was an OK build, wing to fuselage fit was good, though the small landing gear doors gave him the “fits.”

Dornier 27, 1/72nd, HUMA Modell, built by Carl Geiger

2016-aug-meeting-dsc_0505 2016-aug-meeting-dsc_0504 2016-aug-meeting-dsc_0503

Carl was inspired to build this model as there is a 27 located on a private air strip near his home. Added incentive: he has flown in it. Colors were matched to the warbird.


¾ rear image of the actual Do 27 located on an airstrip in Barrington Hills, near Carl’s home.

And now… the ARMOR!

M1 Sherman, 1/35th, Testors, built by Paul Gasiorowski

2016-aug-meeting-02 2016-aug-meeting-01

Paul built this Sherman out of the box, probably the 3rd or 4th armor kit he’s built. He notes that many small parts had a tendency to break when separating from the sprue. He pre-shaded with Tamiya light gray. The finished model was painted with Model Master Acrylics, using olive drab, bark green and pre-shaded with flat black.

Panther G, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Frank Ress

2016-aug-meeting-04 2016-aug-meeting-03

Tiger 1 ausf E, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Frank Ress

2016-aug-meeting-05 2016-aug-meeting-06

88mm Flak 18 and trailers, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Frank Ress

2016-aug-meeting-11 2016-aug-meeting-10 2016-aug-meeting-12

US 155 Long Tom, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Frank Ress

2016-aug-meeting-08 2016-aug-meeting-09

Willys Jeep and cargo trailer, 1/72nd, Hasegawa, built by Frank Ress


All late 70’s early 80’s vintage – purchased and built. Kit decals. Color schemes were based on the box art. All Floquil paints (custom mixes, nothing right out of the bottle). US OD stuff (the Jeep, cargo trailer, Long Tom) were airbrushed for the OD base and everything else (aluminum/steel highlights, tires, weathering) done with brushes.  Tiger, Panther, and 88 were also an airbrush base coat and brushed camo and highlights/weathering. The highlighting was a bit heavy-handed.

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