June 2015 Meeting Notes

June 19, 2015 McKinstry Meeting
Theme: Bare Metal aircraft

Program: Dan Paulien – Applying Metallic Finishes

Notes by Paul Gasiorowski

AT the meeting: Carl Geiger, Glenn Estrey, Brain Gardner, Mark Murray, Jim Batchelder, Charlie Scardon., Steve Kumamoto, John Koziol Sr. and Little John Jr, Paul Gasiorowski, Dan Paulien, Mike Hanlon, Norris Graser, Frank Ress

There was discussion about the new meeting schedule for the rest of this year and 2016. Meetings in Aug. 2015 and Sept.2015 are only 2 weeks apart. The meeting in October is scheduled for a Saturday.

Dan Paulien brought up the idea that since this meeting will have a longer run time, maybe we can have a long demo or a couple of short ones. Also in 2016, the meeting between Mar 2016 and April 2016 will only be 2 weeks. There is no meeting date for May 2016. Then the July 2016 and Aug 2016 meetings will be 7 weeks apart. Discussion on this was tabled to the next meeting.

The theme for this month’s meeting was Bare Metal aircraft. There were approximately 18 models on display.

Dan Paulien brought in 5 models: P-47 from the 2001 Group Project (Nemanie II, 509th FS/405th FG, AMaster decals, Hasegawa kit; F8U Cutlass, Fujimi, 1/48 painted with Alclad Aluminum F-86, Academy, 1/72; P-51B, Academy, 1/72

Paul Gasiorowski: F-84G, Heller, 1/72; Out of the box build. Tamiya primer and MMaster Aluminum Spray can. Tamiya tape before the primer to get various shades of aluminum. Very little sanding was needed. The wings and horizontal stabilizer were not glued to the fuselage, as the fit was tight. Nice easy build for the theme night.

Ford Tri-motor, Monogram 1/67; Truly OOB. Since the Ford Tri-motors were not painted, since it was an aluminum alloy. I just built this OOB, except for some painting of the engine cylinders. Some decals were added. This was probably a good example on how a kid in the fifties or early sixties would have built it.

USAF NT-43A, Highly Modified Airfix B737-200, 1/72; Built as a one off from a picture I received from the TICK. The platform was used primarily for radar work in conjunction with the stealth programs. The only modification were extended nose and tail radomes. There will be a review posted on the new web site of this build.

Brian Gardner. P-36, Amt/Monogram, 1/48. Modified kit to show what the actual P-36 was like before a kit was available. He used a cowling from an AMT P-36, engine from a Monogram P-40, and prop from a Mono- gram Wildcat. He finished the model and HobbyCraft released the same version.

John Koziol Jr. An update on the Merlin Engine project in 1/24 scale. Also a 1/24 Zero Project engine made of different metals.

John Koziol. Sr.; Scratch built 1/10 scale 1967 Lincoln Town car.

Jim Batchelder F-104, Hasegawa, 1/48 OOB; F-86, Academy, 1/48 OOB; Alclad Aluminum paint job.

Mike Hanlon, P-47D Razorback, Tamiya, 1/48; easy build. Used Thundercal Decals and Alclad paints.P-47D-20-RA Slick Chic 69th FS/58thFG

Glenn Estrey; P-51B Mustang, Tamiya, 1/48, entire plane in Bare Metal Aluminum sheets of different hues. OOB Decals were from a different source. He suggested building this if you want to suffer a lot of pain.

Charlie Scardon; F-89H, Revell, 1/48Built OOB. Nice kit to build, used Super Scale Decals, Used MMaster Guards Red over white for “Arctic Red.”

Steve Kumamoto; Convair XP-81, Anigram, 1/72, Kit was a final version of the turboprop model. Steve wanted to build the original version. He had to cut down the nose and add a Hasegawa P-51D Mustang nose, just like they did at Convair. He also had to build a higher fin insert, ventral fin and scratch build the oil cooler.

Bell XP-83, Anigram, 1/72, OOB scratch built landing gear doors.

North American RB-45C, Mach 2, 1/72 OOB. A tail sitter, Steve had to add so much weight to the nose that the original landing gear could not support it and broke. He had to re-drill the struts and add stiff wire .040 into the body of the plane to get it to sit correctly. Used Platinum Mist paint as the base coat.

2015 Jun Meeting endit 2015 Jun Meeting Kumamoto RB-45 2015 Jun Meeting Pic01 2015 Jun Meeting Pic02 2015 Jun Meeting Pic03 2015 Jun Meeting Pic04 2015 Jun Meeting Pic05 2015 Jun Meeting Pic06 2015 Jun Meeting Pic07 2015 Jun Meeting Pic08 2015 Jun Meeting Pic09 2015 Jun Meeting Pic10 2015 Jun Meeting Pic11 2015 Jun Meeting Pic12 2015 Jun Meeting Pic13 2015 Jun Meeting Pic14 2015 Jun Meeting Pic15 2015 Jun Meeting Pic16 2015 Jun Meeting Pic17 2015 Jun Meeting Pic18 2015 Jun Meeting Pic19 2015 Jun Meeting Pic20 2015 Jun Meeting Pic21 2015 Jun Meeting Pic22 2015 Jun Meeting Pic23 2015 Jun Meeting Pic24 2015 Jun Meeting Pic25 2015 Jun Meeting Pic26 2015 Jun Meeting Pic27 2015 Jun Meeting Pic28 2015 Jun Meeting Pic29 2015 Jun Meeting Pic30 2015 Jun Meeting Pic31 2015 Jun Meeting Pic32 2015 Jun Meeting Pic33

Program: Dan Paulien – Applying Metallic Paints

Dan Paulien did the “honors” with a “hands on” demo for applying metal paint with an airbrush. He covered masking techniques and surface preparation. Tips included masking for various shades of metal finish. Paints demo’d were Model master Metalizer and Alclad II.

2015 Jun Meeting Pic34 2015 Jun Meeting Pic35 2015 Jun Meeting Pic36 2015 Jun Meeting Pic37 2015 Jun Meeting Pic38

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